Published Work: Death of the Dove

A few days ago I discovered I had been published in Canvas: Literary Journal for a poem I wrote relating to the book, Persepolis. The poem is in the eyes of a young girl, Marjane Satrapi, during the Islamic Revolution of 1979. I hope you enjoy reading this piece and feel free to leave critique:

Death of the Dove

Fall back, fly backPersepolis
Time of 1979
Your hands to our words
Like whips across our existence
Force your pathetic modernity
Religious falsehood
Down the throats of my people
Centuries of human dreams
Down the River of Styx
Your lies made you silent
Until you rose once again

Women made to ghosts
Men monsters of the night
Hunters, gatherers
You brought my people back
To our ancient times
You cage us now like psychopaths
Miserable western circus animals
Forced to fall into bidding
Kissing your feet
Disgusting, rotten with tyranny

Blade to one’s throat
Blackmailed into submission
The unborn cry
For futures, fates stolen
Their mothers chained in a cloak
Of impenetrable darkness
Who is to stop your insane madness?

Is it safe to come out?
Your bombs held above our heads
Our spirits cry
Fire licks the walls of every home
Within ourselveskid-1077793_1920
Held tightly, cannot be set free
Do not let me go

I sit here, crying
Following your footsteps without purpose
Children, so simple, we do not know
As one, I pulled strings of others
Why? To satisfy hunger

A country of a thirty-nine million
Raise their hands in everlasting joy
Sixty thousand under our feet
Yet you, my terrible
Heartless friend
Has been found ostracized
Cut off from a seemingly
Eternal stronghold

Rejoice for the king is gone
One shall live
Without the darkness of your power
Families in peace
Homes restored
Our men, now free from fighting
Women without veils
The death of the dove
Has come



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