Nature Through New Eyes – Part I

I have always loved photography, and ever since a camera was put into my hands, I became obsessed. With a small digital camera in hand, I would venture off path during our family hikes, capturing the earth’s beauty through a lens. These images I am about to share are from the past years before my second camera broke this summer at the ocean. Unfortunately, I have been unable to take very few pictures after losing both my weather-proof cameras to weather situations. There will be a second installment to these photos once I find the rest! I hope you enjoy what memories I have gathered thus far:


One of my very first images, unedited. I remember it took me numerous tries, experimenting with angles until I got this perfect shot. This image now hangs framed in my room.


This colorful array was in Spokane, WA where I captured the reflection to a whole other world within itself. I remember feeling as if I could simply step upon the water and walk underneath the cliffside.


Another one of my first images, unedited. I was shocked to have found small bugs upon the flower, having always picked them carelessly. The only thing that has caught my eye looking back is the clarity that could be fixed with edits, although that was due to not having a good macro camera.


Another unedited image I took years ago with my first camera. This one, in particular, has always been one of my favorites, so much to the point that I even wrote a short story about a crystal world hidden within the dewdrops. The photo of the fungus had always captivated my attention and imagination by its stillness and beauty.


This has been one of my more recent favorites before my second camera broke. The image here captures the world and beauty from a boxelder bug in my nearby park. The aperture was subtle enough to move the focus toward the brilliant colors of the buds and boxelder.


This was taken before my camera broke at Manito Park in Spokane, WA. Again, the macro on my camera was not spectacular, but regardless I love the detail captured here. The sunlight made every spec of pollen shine in various shades, and every small scratch and dent of the petals stand out.


With this and the next image, I really focus on aperture, freezing the moment and bringing out perfect detail. The canopy above makes it feel like a jungle or rainforest, leaves, and branches stretching out below the sun. The curvature of the trunk and it’s warped, angled appearance is really shown here.


Like the last image, the aperture was my goal here, allowing to tell a story. This time the narrative was through colors, the only sunlit spot where the camera focuses, the rest shadowed beautifully, leaving a feeling of hope and future ahead.


The last and most important image I have is from my trip to Neah Bay, at the very tip of Washington. What I, and many others, love about this image is the vivid colors and fairyland-like setting, pulling its viewer into a world where you can almost hear the exotic birds and peaceful raindrops dancing off of leaves. Every time I see this image, it brings a smile to my face, remembering the beauty of the Olympic Rainforest.

This is all I have today, I hope you enjoyed seeing the first set of images from the past few years! Most of these were not edited, while only a few were. I will begin to collect my next set of nature images, including mind-twisting natural effects, minute creatures, perfect timings, and more, so be expecting those within the next week. Thank you for reading!

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10 thoughts on “Nature Through New Eyes – Part I

  1. Thanks Ashlee for sharing your adventures over the years. I always look forward to seeing the details in your photos that are often overlooked by many as we travel to fast to actual see beyond the moment.

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  2. Such refreshing pics!!! Nature never fails to surprise us…Glad that you captured these wonders of nature and documenting them in this blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I must agree, nature is full of wonderful surprises. I am glad you enjoyed, I will also be posting Part 2 sometime soon once I find the next batch of pictures.


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