A Sunset Road

Today I will be sharing with you a favorite among my poems, A Sunset Road. The intent of it actually was entirely different, originally focusing on a town, or specifically a street, that I used to live in. As the poem developed, the meaning changed into something much more powerful and relatable to others. Also, I will be gone for FBLA State the remainder of the week, but you shall still be receiving my post on Friday. I hope you enjoy this!

A Sunset Road

A sunset road
Laid with gravel
Imprints upon the earth
A young one’s first step
A child’s laughter
Fills this old road
With gentle youth

Years of war veterans
Soldiers in our hearts
Who’s feet have touched the ground
Leaving and old impression

Upon this road
Places have spoken
From foreigner’s cart
To the poor
And the wealthy
This old road
A sunset road
Home to unforgotten memories


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