Yellowed Picture Frame

This afternoon I would love to share with you all another poem I wrote, sitting against the rough wooden frame of a bunk bed, looking over to the endless Oregon coast. The past-1201454_1920sun was setting upon our vacation house as my mind swirled with images and words. As darkness came to my eyes rested on an ancient, yellowed picture frame possessing a beautiful, relaxing painting. At that one moment, I could envision myself jumping into the image, joining a time so different from our own, all to escape from reality momentarily. I do hope you enjoy this vision within my summer poem:

Yellowed Picture Frame

Swing to the beat
Classic sound to ears
Feet in sync

Watch in joy
As smiles light upon
The sweetest facesmary-pickford-1963149_1920
Old and young alike

Step into the picture
One moment at a time
Join the world
Of jazz sounds and feet

Forget the worst, create new
Memories for years to come
Be swept away from joy
One movement at a time

Now let us return
To our world of reality
Outside the yellowed
Picture frame



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