Memories: Revisiting Early Stories

Hello everyone, today I wish to share with you an amusing tale. We all had our moments as young children where we first started writing, doing artwork, and so forth. Well, I have kept safe a collection of my earliest works from I believe 2012-2014. These really started off my love for literature, poetry, and … Continue reading Memories: Revisiting Early Stories

An Artist Interview: Creativity at its Finest

Hello, everyone! Today I bring forth something unique for you all: the first CTW interview with a creative thinker. In this case, I interviewed a friend of mine, with the alias of Silver, who is a young, aspiring artist who has a large future out for her. Over these next few posts I shall be … Continue reading An Artist Interview: Creativity at its Finest

Coming Home

Hello, everyone! I know this post is much later in the day than usual, although I have been busy interviewing some creative thinkers for the next few posts, so keep an eye out! This poem tells a story of war and love. The longing for their father, and the need to support each other in … Continue reading Coming Home

The Ultimate Guide to Unique Photography

Hello everyone, today I bring forth something I believe you will enjoy and value very much - an ultimate guide to unique photography. Beyond your average information of ISO, shutter speed, lighting, and such, I want to bring forth something you cannot usually find. There are a few secret fundamentals to photography, to getting shots like mine … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Unique Photography