Humans of Travel – Part 2 | Capturing Personality

Hello everyone, this evening I bring forth the second part of my human photography. These are again, focused on my siblings and our adventures. In time, this category might expand. The main goal of Part 2 is to capture two things: personality and imaginative ideas. Although, I do not believe there will be a new installment for a while, so I shall then return to my Nature Through New Eyes Part 2. I do hope you enjoy, and please let me know if you wish to see more:



Juliet has always been a young girl of wonders, dreaming and imagining all sorts of creative ideas. Here, she was fantasizing her world as a princess, roleplaying with her siblings as if in a brilliant book.



Abigail and the beach, how to even begin to describe her joy and curiosity? From a young age, she has always found the fluffy sand, rolling waves, and calling seagulls perfect.


Once again, Caleb has his powerful expressions and deep emotions. Here, he was split a few ways. Caleb was upset about having to leave the beautiful park, yet also found it amusing to make faces. Mixed emotions, no?


Juliet’s curiosity and imagination never fail her. Step into what her mind must be like: Swings are dragons, rocks, climbing mountains that scrape the sky; the playset a heavily fortified castle that she must escape. Juliet has told me her stories of fantasy, and they all are so unique.


I usually avoid angles like this, where I create framing through my environment, yet this was an irresistible shot. This captures Katie’s enthusiasm, the yellow bars acting as rays of sunlight bouncing off of Katie’s form. Quite a fantastic perspective that I enjoyed.


While looking back, I  find the shadows slightly displeasing, I love the amazing expression of young Abigail here. Having sat, hidden from the summer sun, she found my small camera quite a peculiar object. With dark round eyes, open jaw, and fingers full of pebbly sand, she gazed at awe at her reflection within the lens.



Again, I tried my hand at unique perspectives. At this particular moment, Caleb was entertaining himself by kicking, trying to avoid going down the slide. With his mischevious little smile, sly eyes, I know there is something up his sleeve. Sure enough, a few seconds after this picture Caleb came soaring down the slide, pushing the camera and I out of the way.



Not only do wild imaginations capture those of Juliet or Abigail, but also Katie. Here, she was playing along with the castle game, pretending to be a brave, fearless knight who would protect Princess Juliet. She found herself astonished as Thief Caleb stole into the castle, causing havoc for the land. She played wonderfully, eyes wide as the camera entered only feet away. 







6 thoughts on “Humans of Travel – Part 2 | Capturing Personality

    • Thank you so much! I am glad you love my idea, and if you are interested in submitting, you are more than welcome. I am really looking forward to featuring people’s work.


  1. I love these photos. Your descriptions of each photo really changes what I see. My first vision is how adorable and beautiful my grandchildren are. With your words, I see so much else. Thank you for these Ashlee.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! Words and images, both are extremely powerful in their own ways. Words can tell what the images cannot, and when combined together a brilliant vision arises. I am glad you enjoyed it!


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