Rose and Blood alike | Poetic is a Pen to Paper

Hello everyone, today I am sharing two poems since you all seemed to really enjoy that last time. The first is something of a comparison, inspired by my seeing a lone rose petal upon the ground. The second, inspired by my love of poetry, the arts, and writing, is showing the beauty of the pen. Please do enjoy:

Rose and Blood alike

A rose petal and a drop of blood
Exactly alike beside one flaw
With the cry of fallen soldiers
both forms of red scatter the land
For with love they fought
For with love they fell
Within our arms, their lives
Cherished, sweet memories spoiled in crimson

Peculiar is the thought
Of “Death do us apart”
For in love we give roses, yet die
In shared droplets of blood
So close yet far apart

Alike are the two in rows side by side
A rose, a thorn, inevitable pain
Beauty for those who chose to claim it
Swallowed by insufferable sacrifice
A rose for a drop of blood
The deal is sealed, my friend

Fault between petal and drop?
One is living, one is late
Yet, the first has yet to meet its death
Spared by the hands of fate


Poetic is a Pen to Paper

Poetic is a pen to paper
So beautiful in form, like paint
Rushing across pages, stainings of compassion
Is it not a beautiful thing?
These words we laugh, nonetheless
Call them hurtful, lifechanging, nonsense, and love
Uttered from the lips, signed with hands
Or, the most powerful lays
Written with the ink of your ancestors
From papyrus to paper, occasional flesh
Quill, pen, fingers, toes
A story the youngest can tell, forever, smiling, laughing
The oldest, grasping memories upon their death bed
Regardless, love is love, words are words
When combined together
The whole world lay at your fingertips, exposed



12 thoughts on “Rose and Blood alike | Poetic is a Pen to Paper

    • Thank you, I am glad you enjoy! I believe poetry is really something people should get into, it takes words and turns them into visual pictures. I really recommend checking out some authors like Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and others for their poetic works.


    • Thank you very much! I am surprised to hear you prefer the latter poem, for I did not see it as well written in my mind. I suppose the reader holds the true judgment! Again, thank you, I am glad you enjoyed!


    • Thank you very much! Poetry has been a passion of mine since I was young. That is actually a big part of why I created my blog. I understand the difficulties of finding it elsewhere! I am glad you enjoyed reading it!


    • Thank you very much! I have actually been shocked to find most people enjoy the second poem more. I am glad this might make you return to poetry! It is a fantastic way to just let go. It is like writing a journal entry that no one can translate but you, or similar to sitting down and meditating to let your stress melt away. I wish you the best of luck in writing!


    • Thank you very much, I am glad you enjoyed them! I do feel that is the beauty of poetry – it allows you to speak anything on your mind in a way that each person interprets differently.


    • Wow, I am very glad you enjoyed it! Again, I am shocked people enjoy the second poem so much. I really appreciate it! As for that line, it was also my favorite because I love how it kind of connects you to the past when people used pen and quill. Isn’t it fantastic, the way words can connect the past and present?

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