Call for Creativity: Community Competition

Hello everyone, today I want to present my first “Community Competition” project! We all care about the world we live in, our neighbors, families, and friends, no? And if you are reading Creative Thinking Well – whether for the first time or a time of many – then there is a good chance you are one of many creative thinkers out in the world.

So have you ever thought about combing your skills, while promoting your unique works?


That is what this Community Competition is for! Here’s the idea:

  1. Submit here your favorite creative pieces you have made. Make sure to follow the guidelines!
  2. I will make a dedicated post for your piece(s) for everyone to see, leading people to your blog (if you included that within your submitted work), your creative projects, and leading to step 3.
  3. Next, share the post for your dedicated piece – or other people’s – on social media. Not only will this help more of your friends and family reach you, it will help me out too. And if we recall to the very first blog post I made? I want this community to grow, so we can promote each other and build a strong, welcoming place for everyone.
  4. Print it out! This is where the “Community” part comes into play. Print out your pieces from the blog that I promoted, or if you copy and paste, I would love if you would leave a reference to CTW. Put it on a card stock, in a letter, or something else that looks really nice. Get creative with it! Then become the “gift elf” for your community. Being that all pieces shared on my blog from others and myself are family friendly, children and adults alike will love it. Give your printed pieces where you work, volunteer, or just as gifts. Again, this is promoting you and CTW, helping build a stronger online community. Imagine now the smiles you will put on people’s faces. Children especially love the arts, it warms their hearts. I wish you give out at least one for this challenge!
  5. The final step? Look at the change you made. If you chose a piece to submit, I guarantee you it will change people. Not only online, but in person. Writing, art, photography, everything creative energizes the brain to see the world with new eyes. When you complete the challenge, please comment below with your story! Tell me how you completed step 4, and the expressions and reactions you received. How it made you feel, and the change you made. Then pat yourself on the back for doing a brilliant job!

Note: While I really love video-related creative works such as theatre and song, these cannot count toward the project unless you send it to someone via email/text/social media personally.

Sounds easy enough? Then go get them, CTWers! You can and will make a change in this world. Your work will change people forever, and this is the first small step to gifting it to two communities: your own and online. So go out there and make a change worth remembering!


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