Last Breath

Hello everyone, while I know I shared a poem on Wednesday, this one is much unlike the others. This poem was actually dedicated to a friend who had lost a little cousin over the summer in an accident. So in turn, the poem is in my friend’s perspective, and what was felt at the time of loss. Yet, to take away a bit of the more personal aspect of pain, I mixed the poem with a feel of  Edgar Allan Poe stories, so this is not particularly relevant, making it more anonymous in the subject. Please do enjoy and sympathize with such loss my friend found:

Last Breath

Cloaked in darkness
Peaceful darkness
I watched you waste away

Remember the hours
The times you laughed
Our endless tears we shared

Now summer’s sweet breath
Takes you away
To a place beyond our world

I cried, you know
When I watched you go
Your last breath
A pained one I shared

My friend
I am lost
Hope deprived
And starved
This last tear
Is to you
My ghost behind the walls


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