Shakespearean Play – Part 1

Hello everyone, today I bring forth part one of a fairly short play script my friend and I wrote together once. He wrote the modern version and we translated together into old English and added more to the story. The untitled story is about the betrayal of two twins, surviving together as thieves in London. If you like this, I’ll keep you updated on the actual novel we are writing, extending this play much longer. Translation won’t be perfect, we did this when we were younger, yet I hope you enjoy part 1:

Shakespearean Play – Part 1

Lady Ashyln Clarimond | Sir Samuel Moldova | Alexander Roberts | Guard 1
Guard 2 | Guard 3 | Governor Winston | Madam Joan the Executor | Narrator

Scene 1: Governor Winston’s Manor at niht

*One niht in the wealthy manor of Governor Winston, two thieves were noiselessly searching for the Governor’s gold – to receiveth revenge on their greatest enemy.*

Ashlyn: Shh… come, hie!

Alexander: Fie! I am trying, I cannot see a thing. *Alexander shuffles in the dark, then runests into a hard object* Wait, I haveth found something over hither.

Ashlyn: Ay! Open yonder, it must be the chest. I will anon return to thou straight as I check for ill.

Alexander: As you list, but I suit you hie.

*Ashlyn hies hence, vanishing into thin air.*

Ashlyn: If e’er the O’clock, then marry now is best. *Ashlyn ringeths the hall warning bell without hesitation*

Alexander: Zounds! Zounds! What ill sneep would fain scathe us? Ashlyn! Whence has’t thou gone? We must hie away!

*Ashlyn suddenly appeareths in the doorway, a heavy look on her face*

Ashlyn: Alexander, hark! Anon drop the chest, we must hie ere that shank finds us.

Alexander: Fie, sneep! Marry thou are an ill wench!

*Ashlyn glares in the dark, silent*

Ashlyn: More of your conversation would infect my brain. Thou’rt poison to my blood, brother.

Alexander: Thee art strange, and scathe us both. Anon hie hence whence we came.

Scene 2: Governor Winston’s Courtyard at niht

*As the two thieves runeth for the exit, Alexander trips just as Ashlyn squeezes through the door. Just then, three Royal Guards closeth the gates to the courtyard and Alexander was caught*

Alexander: Nay! Ashlyn, my sister, help!

Ashlyn: Guards! This ill-faced shank baggethed me and attempted to steal Governor Winston’s gold! I demand thee arrest this suspicious, bloody, blinking idiot.

*The guards hark the girl’s dauntless rant*

Alexander: Zounds, thou fools! This sorry sight of a wench, is of flesh and blood, and is leading us all on a wild-goose chase! She is like the devil’s ill heart, cold-blooded, gnarled, like a toad, ugly and venomous. Speaketh truth I doth, hark, mark my words!

Ashlyn: Go to! Tempt not too much the hatred of my spirit, for I am sick when I do look on thee.

Guard 1: Ho! Come anon with me, thou art.

Ashlyn: As you list.

*A guard grabeths Alexander by the arms*

Guard 2: Methinks thou marry made a blunder to steal from Governor’s manor… Thou art a flesh-monger, a fool and a coward.

Alexander: Fie! I dareth not steal from the Governor!

*As the guards secureth the thief, Governor Winston emerges from the manor, trailed by the famous Judge, Sir Samuel Moldova.*

Moldova: Well, well, look who hied hither to only get caughteth. The best thief in England himself, Alexander Roberts. Fie!

Governor: Sirrah, anon lockest the shank up, whither he belongs, straight. I must returneth to my study to prepare for this case. Later Moldova and this young lady shall suit his fate.

Guard 2: What e’er thou wish, Governor. His method in the madness we will find.

Alexander: Nay! Nay! I willeth doth anything! Taketh anything but my life, I begest.

*Alexander is metest with no more than a blank stare from his sister as he is dragged off, screaming*

Ashlyn: Methinks that man yonder a sneep. Ill, strange, and heavy wherefore wouldeth he be?

Moldova: Come hither girl, we shall decidest the thief’s fate straight.

Ashlyn: As you list. Leaveth we will ere the gnarled thief come hither to scathe us both.

*The two walketh off, silently*



Shakespearean London. Image found here



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