Shakespearean Play – Part 2

Hello everyone, today I bring forth the second and last part of the Shakespearean Play I shared last time. As explained previously, it is a story of murder, betrayal, and family trust. I hope you enjoy:

Shakespearean Play – Part 2

Scene 3: Courthouse at in the afternoon o’clock

*A day latereth, in the courthouse*

Ashlyn: Fie, we should givest him the collar and press.

Moldova: Nay! We should whip the ill soul out of him and setest the thief in a spike coffin.

Ashlyn: Art thou a sneep, Sir Moldova? Yonder musteth be tortured and scathe ill anon the most cold-blooded way.

Moldova: Nay! Torture simply.

Ashlyn: Letest us hang him, swaggering rascal!

Moldova: Zou-

*The thief yellest ill insults, interrupting*

Alexander: Stopeth speaking as I am a jest! Marry, sister, you scathe me like how the sun will burneth us fain to ash.

Ashlyn: I do desire we may be better strangers for thou art a boil, a plague sore, an embossed carbuncle in my corrupted blood. Now leaving that, Sir Moldova, letest us do Alexander ill.

Guard 3: Wherefore doth thou not picketh a torture each, then Madam Joan the Executer shall behead the man?

Ashlyn: Ay! Letest us doth straight! Haveth Madam Joan pickest a fair, dear axe, to taketh Alexander’s bloody soul.

Moldova: Marry! Marry!

Alexander: Peace, ye fat guts! I hate thou all!

Scene 4: Dungeons later in o’clock

*Five days latereth, Alexander’s tortures begin*

Governor: Alexander, the greatest thief in England… thy fate has been decided. Thou shall be whipped and puteth under the hot press publicly.

Moldova: Then thou will hie hence to Madam Joan whence thou will lose thy head.

Alexander: Nay, doth not leteth me die!

Ashlyn: Thou broughtest this upon thy self, Alexander. Thy fate was cause by thy dauntless acts. Now hie hence, for thou art not worth another word, or else I would call thou a knave.

*Alexander is tortured and draggeth away to the dungeon for 1 day more*

Scene 5: Courtyard in morning o’clock for execution

*When morrow arrives, Alexander is preparest for his beheading*

Alexander: I begeth one O’clock more! Mark my words, I pray you hark me.”

Guard 1: What is it you speaketh of?

Alexander: I can provest Ashlyn a traitor to all! We each have a marking of a sword on our left shoulder, showing what we doth. We work together, we doth, we doth!

Ashlyn: Go to, thou bloody slint!

*Alexander giveths Ashlyn a hurt look before muttering out “sneep”*

Joan the Executor: Is everything readieth, Governor Winston?

Governor: Ay, let us be cruel only to be kind!

*Right before Madam Joan swings downest her axe, Alexander shouts out one last proof of his betrayal*

Alexander: Sister, thou a most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise-breaker, the owner of no one good quality!

*Madam Joan whispereths in Alexander’s ear*

Joan the Executor: We have seen better days, for chaos is to come again. Thoughest soon, thou will be neither here nor there. I giveth you peace in the afterlife, Roberts.

*Ashlyn letest out a muffled yelp at his words as Madam Joan bringeth down her axe, ending Alexander’s sorry life.*

Ashlyn: Fie! Ill monster thou art! Thou slay Alexander fain ere his o’clock. To beith scathe, I now knoweth of. To beith betrayed, marry it is like a rose peekest open to closest just again. Marry, I suit, slay me anon before what maketh me human blinkest away. Traitor, I was, traitor I willeth be no more.

*The Governor, hearing Ashlyn, deftly lifteth up her left sleeve, revealing the sword marking.*

Governor: That fool was right… noweth one thing remains: to be or not to be, that is the question.

*Governor Winston drawest out a dagger, gouging out Ashlyn’s eyes and cutting her throat with ease, settingeth the girl in peace. Then the judge drawest his sword, neatly lopping the head off the nearest guard with an ill laugh. The two traitors then turneth towards each other and the battle for truth and honor begins.*



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