Coming Home

Hello, everyone! I know this post is much later in the day than usual, although I have been busy interviewing some creative thinkers for the next few posts, so keep an eye out! This poem tells a story of war and love. The longing for their father, and the need to support each other in the war – a war of unthinkable power. Please do enjoy:

Coming Home

Snow falls on your face
Like crystal fairies of the night
As we watch the cloud
Those thundering clouds
You don’t seem to mind
The jewels
Upon your skin
As we count the flakes
Under the elm tree
Waiting for father
To return home
He won’t return home


Each flake for
His days gone away
A tear on your face
I tell you it’s okay
Dad will come home
But in my heart
I know each fallen snowflake
Is another life lost
Yet we keep on counting
And yet
He is not coming home


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