An Artist Interview: Creativity at its Finest

Hello, everyone! Today I bring forth something unique for you all: the first CTW interview with a creative thinker. In this case, I interviewed a friend of mine, with the alias of Silver, who is a young, aspiring artist who has a large future out for her. Over these next few posts I shall be sharing various interviews, so please do enjoy:

Q. When you create an art piece, do you already have an idea in mind, or do you follow your heart in the process?

A. I would say I usually follow my heart. I might have a gray idea in the back of my mind, but mostly I choose to do what ever takes my fancy.

Q. If a piece does not turn out as you pictured, how do you
handle the situation? Do you believe that all pieces of artwork are
unique and will be analyzed differently by each person, regardless of
any mistakes made?

A. I usually just keep drawing. I like to keep it up in the air and a lot of times it turns out way better than I thought it would. I do believe that each object/picture will be seen in a different light. Often times Artists see the problems in their art and beholders see it as more beautiful. I try to look on my art as a work in progress until it is finished, and when it is then I don’t let myself think of any changes I could have made.

Q. Who and what has been the greatest inspiration to you as an
aspiring artist? How has this reflected through you personally and in your

A.The first person that comes to mind is Feninne D. Zlatkis…such a wonderful person! She really inspired me to start going all out and looking at art in a whole new light. Another person would be a dear friend of mine who taught me how to zentangle. In zentangling you can not make any mistakes. Mistakes aren’t a thing. I decided to try this in all my art, and it really helped me grow as an artist.



As an artist, one must experiment with various pens and styles. Here Silver has adventured to do animals, a brave and brilliant approach


Q. What has been your greatest piece? How did this work come to
mind, and how did you carry it out? How did other people analyze this

A. That is hard, I have several that I am very proud of. The one I am going to use as an example is of a girl wearing a scarf. I zentangled the whole scarf and drew only the eyes of the girl. The whole piece was done in black ink. The work came to mind when I was drawing another girl and messed up the nose. To fix this problem I drew her with a scarf. I then decided it would be fun to try this and zentangle it. I did not use a pencil, because when zentangling you only use one pen (mostly a black pen). I gave this piece to the library, and a ton of people told me how much they loved it. Some people who I knew guessed that I drew it. One woman asked the librarian about it and ended up buying a piece I drew for her.

Q. What advice would you give to new artists? Who originally gave you these tips?

A.The first and top most on my list would be – Have fun! Art shouldn’t be forced! For me it is an outlet of pleasure and I hope new artists will enjoy it as much as I do! Try to be open to new ideas. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is to go with the flow and to not judge myself. I would also suggest NOT taking art classes, because often times artists are more interested in telling you what to do rather than letting you do what you really want to do. If you want classes then by all means take them! But let yourself be open to your own feelings and ideas.



Silver has always adored doing small, numerous sketches that all tell a unique story each time


Q. Can you describe one of your first drawings or paintings as a
child that you can remember in detail? How did this make you feel at
the time, compared to looking back at it now?

A. I drew a lot of pictures of my sister when I was younger. Some of them were kind of silly, but I do remember one that was rather wild. I was so proud of it! I thought it was perfect and caught my sister’s character wonderfully. Looking back at it now, I feel really mean because my sister is and was way more pretty, and not nearly as crazy looking as I made her!

Q. Do you have any goals to pursue being an artist for the
future? If so, what goals will you do to approach this goal? If not,
will you share your talents as teaching knowledge to others?

A. I would really like to be a freelance artist. It isn’t my number one goal by any means, but I think it would be pretty cool!! I would also really like to illustrate my own novels and children books. I would love to teach children art and crafting and I would love even more to teach my kids someday!



As Silver stated above, she gave away her best piece which was later sold. As I was talking to this artist, she also explained numerous other of her best pieces had found new homes. So in turn, Silver shared one she has remaining, which I find quite beautiful with the intricate designs.





2 thoughts on “An Artist Interview: Creativity at its Finest

  1. Thank you, Ashlee, for doing the honor of interviewing me! I am really loving exploring your blog and writing! I’m glad that you saw my creative drive and chose to share it on your blog. Thank you so much!!

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