Memories: Revisiting Early Stories

Hello everyone, today I wish to share with you an amusing tale. We all had our moments as young children where we first started writing, doing artwork, and so forth. Well, I have kept safe a collection of my earliest works from I believe 2012-2014. These really started off my love for literature, poetry, and writing, so I am going to share forth some of my pieces. If you enjoy this, I shall continue on, for my collection is quite extensive from the years.

*Please keep in mind, I was very young at this time, so grammar/spelling was not perfect. For your convenience, I will fix any spelling errors, which should be few.

The Stranger in the Night

(No date)

Enjoying the night,
I hear a rustling sound,
As I read the book Eerie Light.
A voice near the dirt mound?
My heart is pounding,
As a look for the thing that is listening.

I imagine that I am in a field,
With big, golden hay stacks,
I am curious when the stranger will be revealed.
I wonder if the stranger is behind the hay packs.
The moon illuminates the ground,
As the stranger hides behind the hay mound.


A Dream


I rest my head
And fall asleep
Where memories
Race through my mind.

I form the words
And paint the pictures
Then it glues all together
To form my dream.

At times I lose control
Of my dreams
Then my imagination
Goes wild or calm.

I am walking in a park
During fall
Where leaves surround me
And I continue to walk.

It all seems so real
Could it be true?
The strange play
Continues in my head.

I wake up to the sound
Of a musical alarm,
That blended in my dreams,
It was just a dream.



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