Memories: Revisiting Older Stories Part 2

Hello everyone, this evening I would like to share one more post for the meantime revisiting some of my earlier work. This was a bit earlier than I had planned to post about these, but I figured why not now? So here I shall share two poems once again.

Again, please not the grammar/spelling will not be perfect for the age I wrote these at. For your convenience, I shall correct any spelling errors.

The Storms of Fall
(9/29/13, written off of a true experience)

I can hear the wind in my ears,
I can see the falling rain,
I can smell the wet grass,
I can feel the coldness on the window,

The sun is hidden behind the clouds,
The flag blows in the wind,
The animals hide in their homes,
While the rain falls in a rhythm,

The amazing rain waters the plants,
The wind might be strong,
But it is part of the storm,
The flowers sing as it rains,

The clouds lets the sun rest,
The rain lets the farmers sleep,
The wind is just having fun,
While the storm goes on,

This is a fall storm,
It is our little friend,
As it visits our town,
This is one of the storms of fall


My Little Tree

(9/30/13, this was one of the ones I was proudest of at that time)

My little tree so small,
It shall never be tall,
My little apple tree so thin,
It shall never win,
I enjoy my little tree,

It has no apples,
Everyone likes the maples,
My little tree is so green,
It has never been mean,
I enjoy my little tree,

I watch it grow,
It grows so slow,
The other trees tease it,
I grew it from a starters kit,
I enjoy my little tree,

My little tree will always smile,
It might take a while,
For it to grow strong,
But to me it will not be long,
I enjoy my little tree,

Every day I watch,
Even if it is not top notch,
My little tree is so wonderful,
Even if it is not so colorful,
I enjoy my little tree



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