Art through the Ages – Part 1

Hello everyone, today I present to you some of my art through the years. I have shared photography, early childhood stories, poetry, and more, but I have yet to share some art. After spending some time finding the photographs of the pieces, I am at last ready. Since I have a lot, I shall split this into at least two parts.

Now before I share, I’d like to give a brief note on how I create the pieces. Unlike I believe most, I do my best work only various times of year. Only sometimes can I pick up a No. 2 pencil and make one of these sketches – I just need the right inspiration. The next thing you should know that seldom do I create a piece via my mind, but by finding a unique and detailed image online. This leads to starting my creative train of thought, and by simply looking at the image, I can recreate it similar on paper. I don’t trace, or scan, or anything. I just am fortunate enough to be able to replicate various images through sight. Many people can do this, while many others cannot.

Now onto the art! Please do enjoy:



I absolutely love animals, and owls are fairly high up on my list. With the unique turning of their heads, their powerful eyes, and downy feathers, you cannot help but admire them.



This dragon eye shows the fury and passion of any dragon, flames licking the walls like a monster, yet kept at bay by what they desire more – freedom.



Funnily enough, I never was into the Rowdyruff boys or Powerpuff girls as much as my sister, but once she did request I draw them. I never got around to the third character, Butch. The left is Boomer, the right is Brick, for those who might have forgotten or do not know.



My all time best work – and by far my favorite – is this piece here. Originally I found an inspiring image of a plain wolf drawn something like that, but with no background and not nearly enough detail as I would like. So I jumped in and made it more detailed and unique to my style based off of what I saw originally. This piece – as most of my work – is in a new place, for seldom do I keep my work personally.






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