Do You Believe

Hello everyone, I am sorry this is a bit later than usual! I am working on a very special, exciting post that should hopefully be up on Friday, or even tonight if I am lucky. This post is a special poem a friend of mine taught me how to do. She called it a “Reverse Poem” although it could have a more technical term.

Basically, you can read it two ways, from top to bottom, or bottom to top. Each will be the opposite meaning of the other. So this one is about believing – or not believing – in yourself. The phrases are broken up as so to make it flow right when in reverse. I hope you enjoy this unique piece!

Do You Believe – Reverse Poem

(Remember, read it top to bottom and bottom to top!)

Believe in yourself
Do not
Fall for popularity
Change who you are
To succeed
Nothing but failure
Lies and illusions
Take the right path to
Reach for the stars
Take the first step
Do not
Hold yourself in lies
Achieve easy goals
Believe you can do anything
Climb the tallest mountain
Create impossible cures
Find home on the farthest planet
Try until you can try no more
Do not
Give up



What choice do you make? Climb the tallest mountain, or be aware that they are shoving you down it? It’s your choice, your life, so open your eyes, my friend! The choice is yours, and yours purely.



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