Art through the Ages – Part 2

Hello everyone, my apologies once again, I lost track of time. As promised, I present to you the second part of my art collection! As I previously stated, a lot of these pieces are not in my possession any longer since I gave them as gifts. And as a little note, I have a very exciting art-related post coming up fairly soon, so keep an eye out! And as another update, I am getting a new camera on Tuesday since I have been without for almost two years. That means more photography posts, so good news there as well! Please do enjoy this second installment of Art through the Ages:

Note: Sadly, the pictures on Part 1 and here were low resolution, so I had to be careful making them any bigger, hence the slight pixelation. I do hope you still enjoy it!


Wolves… such fantastic, beautiful creatures. And the best part about them? Their eyes. I have always found the eye of a wolf, a tiger, an owl – anything, really – quite beautiful.


This small piece was part of a “Secret Santa” exchange where you give and receive gifts without knowing who they are. I usually don’t endeavor in colored art, but I thought it a really playful piece.


Funnily enough, I have no idea who these people are. A TV show, I believe someone once told me. This was an art project once, where we were given an image like this and told to replicate it using the graph design. Turned out really great!


Again, another art class project. This piece was extremely unique for one particular reason – we had to draw it upside down. We were given an image of a woman in a sunhat and told to draw it as I said above. Of course, this turned out to be more of a child than anything, but I still found the piece absolutely amazing. 


2 thoughts on “Art through the Ages – Part 2

  1. How old were you when you did these? You do a good job. You are very blessed. If you know Jesus and keep Him in your heart He will led you. Without Jesus I am nothing. Love you, Grandma Daisy.

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