Keys of the Night

Hello everyone, today I wish to share with you a piece of poetry I wrote that reminds me so much of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This piece in particular was written while listening to Beethoven, which explains the theme centered around fantasy and piano. In fact, I believe it was the song Moonlight. I do hope you enjoy this work:

Keys of the Night

Peaceful music fills your ears
A simple lullaby
To pacify the mind
A soft clicking
Of fingers on keys
One two, one two
Following the beat
It brings back the memory
Of the wolf’s all
In the frozen moon’s light
Sound so clear
Calling you home
To wild fantasies of
Werewolves and faeries
As they prowl our world
By moonlight, free
Keys quicken your heartbeat
As music slips from your fingers
The vision fades
But your belief remains
To the werewolves cry
And faeries’ mischievous minds
As the keys end the night



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Keys of the night.jpg


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