Bird of the Snow/Beauty of the Earth

Hello everyone, today I bring forth two bright poems for you all to enjoy. Both follow a simple theme – nature, beautiful, compelling, nature. We are often blind to the world around us, swallowed by our daily lives of work, play, and rest. Sometimes one must slow down and look about, discovering beauty in the smallest petal or snail to the largest beast and tree. I hope you enjoy today’s work:

Bird of the Snow

Piercing blue eyes
Flecked with gold
Down so beautiful
Beyond the whitest snow
You sit, watching
A smile upon your face
Beautiful creature
Of knowledge and life
Key to the world
Of conflicts and fights
Love and let go
Bird of the Snow
Set wings and take flight
Soar above the skies
I will watch and wave
To you, my friend
As you climb the skies
And soar away


Beauty of the Earth

Beauty of the Earth
A bird’s voice
With the gentle wind
Creates a simple melody
Head upon the grass
Eyes on Earth’s clouds
Strength of river’s passing
At your side
Deer frolic as foxes trot
Living in perfect harmony
Beauty of the Earth
Find peace in your soul
For nature’s greatest gift
A simple gem
A living fairytale
Beauty of the Earth



This is actually one of my first pictures with my new camera. There is and always will be beauty in the Earth, one must just look around, smile, and take in the world.

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Bird of Snow Beauty of Earth




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