Watch the World Go Round

Hello everyone, I know I have shared quite a lot of poetry these past few days, but I have a new piece I could not resist sharing. Again, it is a nature one, and surprisingly is one of the longest I have written so far. I also wanted to note that Wednesday I should have a new photography post, so keep an eye out! Please do enjoy today’s work:

Watch the World Go Round

A drop of water
Floods of grass
Isn’t it all perfectly pristine?
We watch as the world goes round
Oblivious to secrets
Hidden beauty within the world
As we hide away – Oh, the shame!

The smallest things are calling you
Awake! See the world for what it truly is
Fields and meadows, ancient time
Oceans wrapped in never ending stories
It is all for you! A gift from the Father
Wrapped in a sphere of love for you
Do you not sometimes wonder why?
A small peck of a flower from barren land
The call of the birds in cities
Or the tallest of trees scraping the skies
It was all for you.

Cans’t you not sleep tonight?
Look out, look out!
The skies are painted for you.
Golden in an array of colors
They are painted for you!

The rose that peakest out so gently
Beauty of the earth, the finest red
Miaka, it whispers, Miaka
Beautiful red, all for you!

He called it His treasure
Buried deep within the universe
For you, for you!
Vitae, the earth calls, Vitae
Life, painted with wind and dust
On display for all to see
Life, so young and fresh
It was all for you.


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Watch the World go Round


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