Nature Through New Eyes – Part 2

Hello everyone, today I wish to share the next bit of photography. I know it is fairly late, so I do ask you forgive me. It is my brother’s birthday tomorrow so I have spent the past few hours catching snails for him. So this time focusing on avians – or the lovely world of birds, and close up shots of plant life. Now as I said about a week ago, I have a new camera. It works amazingly! I am still learning, but I feel it will aid me greatly in the years to come. I do hope you enjoy these pieces of the beautiful nature surrounding us. And do always remember this, which applies to all the Earth and it’s wonderous life:

“‘Is the spring coming?’ he said. ‘What is it like?’ …

‘It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine, and things pushing up and working under the earth.'”

~ Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden



Robins are quite spectacular, don’t you think? Shockingly, this was at full zoom (60x) from quite far away! I absolutely love how the aperture turned out and the clever, mischevious little look of the robin.


I actually featured this image elsewhere for a poetry piece recently. I love so much about this picture because where I live you do not see green very often. Yet in a secluded tiny corner of the town, there is a patch of ivy. It’s my favorite place – quiet and nature-filled, besides the occasional train or car passing by.


Again, I took this at the little corner park looking out onto the edge of the main street. In the background is the old hotel that is being remodeled. I love the view here – it is like looking from the perspective of a bug into the big, big world beyond.


I absolutely adore birds and their mischevious little looks. This sweet thing has that sly smile staring down at you, acting as if you alone were the guilty one. Or as if it refuses to make eye contact for being caught red handed. Isn’t it brilliant, these birds?


I took various angles with these fungi, yet this shot, in particular, made me laugh. Not only was it the best in my mind for lighting and angle, but if you look with a creative eye, you might notice the center fungi is like the star of a fashion show or popular group of kids. Posing in front of the crowd, displaying her value and wonder. Maybe that is my creative mind, but it sure is the first and only thing I saw from this!


Birds, birds, so lovely they are. This one expression-wise seems kind of blank. It reminds me so much of those seagulls in movies and kid tv shows, flying around aimlessly. Something similar to the one in Finding Dory that would crash into everything. Maybe it’s the beady little eyes? Tiny beak? Way it perches haphazardly on the post? It is all a matter of your wonderful perspective!



Finally, I wish to share with you a close up of this beautiful honey bee. I went to the park and found one of my favorite flowers – honeysuckles. Even though I had a cold, their scent was overwhelming in such an amazing way. So I slipped off my shoes, walked barefoot into the patch of flowers, and sat down with my camera out. It took me almost five minutes to realize I was surrounded by bees! I turned on my camera and took tons of pictures, not caring that I was barefoot in a park surrounded by stinging creatures. I literally dared to get only a few inches away at a few times because I was so happy to have found such beautiful bees. You can even see the pollen on this one!

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Nature Through New Eyes - Part 2





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