Joy in the Sea | A Girl with a Lion’s Heart

Hello everyone, today I am returning from my trip and therefore wish to bring you poems of the ocean and of courage. Oh, how I love the ocean, it’s moving waves, pushing and pulling, never ending. The sand in between the forms of every living soul. As for courage – oh, how it connects so much to the water. One must have courage to sail, courage to swim, courage to dive down into the beautiful depths of the sea. I hope you enjoy these this lovely morning:

Joy in the Sea

Joy in the love of the sea
So irresistible, calling, pulling
Such as why birds call it home
It is the world’s home
From Cherokee legends
To brave fisherman tales
A home in the hearts of all who see


Ocean waves call to you, do they not? Look out there, and I promise you the beauty of the Earth calls.


A Girl with a Lion’s Heart

Courage is the flame
A beautiful, roaring flame
Sparked by sight
Love, energy
Virtus leonis
We learn from the courageous
The young, and free spirited
Wild, wild they are!
Cum Puella A leonis in cor meum
So live on! Courageous you shall be
Forever on


Courage of a lion, so brave and fearless yet loyal and loving. Does that not make you smile?

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4 thoughts on “Joy in the Sea | A Girl with a Lion’s Heart

    • Thank you very much! Yes indeed, the ocean is a brilliant place. We just got back from our trip there about an hour ago, and all you can think is whether you were really there. It’s like a fantasy woven within the greatest of books. You are welcome, I am very glad you enjoyed it!


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