From Edge to Edge – Chapter I

Hello everyone, today I wish to share with you a special short story I have been writing. It was inspired by two wonderful things: Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne and the television show, Doctor Who. The 27-page story takes place in 1914 a few days before the start of WWI where two-time travelers are thrown off course due to a powerful magnetic force underneath Big Ben. To reactivate the time window, one must travel a particular path around the world in 40 days, the fastest one could travel in 1914. If Mr. Forkins and Joan Perk fail, all of time and history will end in 1914 and death will come to the travelers. If you enjoy, I shall share all seven chapters spread throughout the next few weeks. Here is chapter one, so do enjoy:

Chapter I: A Peculiar Object of Time

Joan Perk was a lively young woman, yet quite peculiar from the rest of her lot. Gray waistcoat, faded blue button up shirt rolled to lightly tanned elbows, brown khakis and old blue high tops. An odd sight indeed considering her time! London, July 24th, 1914, precisely four days until the world would change forever. Of course, only two souls in the universe knew such a thing, and Miss Perk was one of them.

“Number 31: Remember I shall make it back in 40 days. Not a second past,” a soft voice whispered through the odd device.

Joan turned over the glass in her hands, eyes closed. It has been fourteen hours since Mr. Forkins left London on Cheltenham Spa Express to Dover. Fourteen hours, and yet Joan was told to stay put for forty dreadful days. She was so very used to being beside Mr. Forkins as they traveled to brilliant places. Yet not once was a moment so critical as it was yesterday morning after the wormhole closed.


Whovians, perhaps? Yes, I was inspired by the fob watch in the Family of Blood episode. Images found from: here and here

Miss Perk and the great Legendeer, Peter Forkins were far from normal. They traveled in a beautifully engraved fob watch through time and space, tracing history back to its origins and ending. The two stood side by side in 1787 when Alexander Hamilton and the others signed the US Constitution. They fought in World War V – a war to gain equality and freedom for elves. Once and awhile Mr. Forkins returns Joan home to visit her beloved family in the year 2020, where her parents age slowly as the two speed through lightyears. In fact, neither Forkins nor Perk looked a day older than when the adventure first started. Nor would they ever, unless Peter Forkins failed his forty-day mission.

“Number 4: If the watch fails, you must escape.”

It was yesterday morning, 4:33 A.M, when their ship crashed into 1914. The magnetic force of the past world was being manipulated by a dark energy, throwing the fob watch off course by nearly twenty-five years. Joan and Peter were the least prepared, now stranded and out of place. The wormhole had closed, and would permanently stay so unless the venture around the world was made. It required speed – 960 hours and 5 minutes to be exact. Such a speed would leave the Legendeer’s footprints scattered promptly enough to reactivate the wormhole. If Peter failed, time would catch up within a single hour and the two would be dead. Along with that, the famed fob watch would fall into the hands of the manipulator of the magnetic force and the rest of history would be forever changed. Therefore, Joan sat, biting her rust-red hair between her teeth, desperate for answers.

“Number 7: If I do not return, destroy the watch before all else.”

Joan sat up from the bare floor of her new home, tossing the device in her bag. She refused to stand idle for nearly two months. What if this was Mr. Forkins’ way of getting rid of her after all these years? Or what if he made it around but could not get to the house within the five-minute window? If that happened and she still had the watch, they both would die. Joan made up her mind that instant, drawing her long, rust red hair over one shoulder, and pulling her waistcoat tight around her form. She raced into the kitchen and grabbed the bare necessities – forty thousand pounds, the silver fob watch, and her device with Peter’s messages. Tucking the watch inside her waistcoat, device pocketed, and valuable pounds in a carpetbag, she stepped out into the sunlight on Majesty Avenue. This is is the story of Joan Perk, retold by Mr. Peter Forkins, the great Legendeer, in the bright and colorful year of 3010.

old london.jpg

This is what her street would look like, described more in Chapter II. Image found from: here

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