The Fearless Sea – Part 1

Hello, wonderful people! As I mentioned briefly last week, we went to the ocean and I promised a photo collection. In fact, I will probably make this a three part piece. The ocean was the most tranquil place I have seen in a while – waves lapping back and forth as a lullaby, birds humming, salty air spreading through every inch of your soul. I share a splendid story about sand dollars down below. I hope you enjoy this nice numerous part collection:


So the weather turned out to be too bad to camp. Although prior to deciding that, this was a shot I took at the campsite. It is surrounded by lush, beautiful trees of a variety of colors. Isn’t it beautiful, nature?



I love this shot for many reasons, the light patterns of the sand leading into the ocean like a forest path. The tranquility, calling one home. We were walking along the sea bed as the tide was out, and I absolutely adored this path of footprints and the story it told.



The sun is absolutely stunning no matter where you are – but when it reflects on the water I am left in utter astonishment. The waves pulling toward the beach, birds gathering food, and the sun’s life reflecting back at you. Stunning, it is.



Sand dollars are spectacular, living creatures that I adore. At least, they are living in the sea. I want to tell you a stunning story I experienced. The beach we have gone to for many, many years had not one full sand dollar. Not a single one. Yet on that day we went, not only did my dad find his first, but I found this one. Perfect, embedded in the sand ever so lightly, the water pulled back to reveal the treasure. Not only that, but I went about a mile in the opposite direction with nothing. Then hundreds, hundreds of full sand dollars in view. Some were buried under, some out near the ocean’s edge. Others in plain view. Every step you took there were at least five. I gathered quite a few and left the rest in honor of nature’s beauty. It was the most stunning sight, although I didn’t want to risk dropping my camera as I gathered, so I didn’t get the picture of it.



Again, I love reflections of the sun, even on a cloudy day. And you see that small white spec? That was a sand dollar, although sadly that one was broken. It has always been beautiful in my eyes how the sea can come to your feet yet be so far off, the waves distant. Wonderful, I feel.



This image I had slight effects on when taking the photograph, which really brought out an almost dystopian appearance. To me, it is beautiful yet different than what we call safe. The details are intense, like the sea was simply melting into the ground like it was forming a desert, the sky becoming increasingly stormy.









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