Fearless | Hope

Hello everyone, today I am sharing with you two short poems: Fearless, and hope. They both pull on themes we need to discover in ourselves, how to be fearless and live a life without regret, and how to find and give the simplest of things: hope. I hope you all do enjoy:


Breath, it is okay, dear child
Life moves on, bright and strong
Yet here you are, in my arms
Look, look! The world will not wait
Go say goodbye before it is too late
The stars will not stay forever
Reach out to those whom you love
Be fearless, my child, in words
In actions, in life, for you live
If I fail you, do not leave me in regret
Be fearless, and reach out, dear child



A pleasure, requirement
To succeed
One may find it
In a jar
Some in a friend’s smile
In small fingers
Wrapped around their own
Yet, to find hope
One must give to discover
Offer a hand for a smile
To change the worse
Find the best


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