Beauty of Black and White – Part 1

Hello everyone! My apologies that I am a day late, although I do want to share with you all a special photography set. Black and white photography is absolutely stunning in my eyes – it brings out contrast and power in each image. So between exposure, daylight, and softness of focus, I’ve explored many ideas. So I’ve been testing it out recently, hope you all enjoy:


This was actually a unique style I was approaching – black and white overexposure. Now, this was a new style for me. Especially doing overexposed, something I have never once attempted. Although I was very glad about the results!


This was taken up at the cemetery, and I have been trying for months to get the right shot. Finally, I attempted black and white and decided it turned out quite beautifully.


This was an interesting shot for me. I am partaking various photo contests from GuruShots, and one included night portraits. So I gave this one a shot, and really love the dark shadows with the street lamp illuminating just enough of Katie’s face for a mystic look. 


This statue was beside the cross as well, staring up with tearful eyes. I love how the dramatic contrast between the grays and background really stood out here.



Now this was more for the smiles and less of the professional-look. Little Abigail here really wanted to show off her princess-style while standing on the stroller. I love how her eyes seem to wander to an unknown place, like a mystery waiting to be revealed.




Here Juliet sat, feet swinging over the edge near a dried up creek, the sun setting. I love again, the dramatic idea that the black and white really expresses here.



I actually favor this one over the full-cross photograph above because of the detail in the face it truly shows. From each shade of gray shown, it really stands out.



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