Death of Love – Narrative Poem

Hello everyone, I know I have shared a ton of poetry recently, but this one in particular is a real twist. A friend of mine taught me how to do a Narrative Poem, giving me a single prompt and then adding plot twists and topics to add as I wrote. In fact, it was Desert Cubed who taught me this, so kudos to him! Some have also described this as an epic poem, being nearly 6 printed pages at a 1.5 spacing. This one I will not include a picture, because I want it to be pictured by you, for it could look anyway. Take it literal, figurative, anything. It’s quite a twisted, odd story, but I do hope you enjoy:

Death of Love

A child walked
Ever so innocently toward the
Death of her own family
She caused
With malice
And a grin upon her face
The girl walked further
To a meadow of beauty
A price she had to pay
Cruel, cruel, she was dark
Yet optimistic
For trade for trade
Soul for life
In all, silver and gold
Her crime brought greed
Love, hate
Treasure, beauty
So the girl
Walked on
Lost amidst the life

As she walked
A beast so large
With claws like daggers
Stared down her
To repay for any crimes
Yet the girl knew
This beast
Her mother
She killed so long ago
Fearless the girl stood

The secret to her death
Make the mother a monster more
Yet the beast stood
Intelligent mind flashing
As she embraced her child
Claws retracting
Love, so powerful
For the girl had none

The girl wrapped
Into a ball and sobbed
She was lost
The mother, so strong
Forgiveness she held
So dearly
The mother smiled at
Her child again, tears rolling
Beckoning her forward
Calling home
The child stood, shaking
Reaching forward
Grasping for love
That she never had
In her
The motherly beast
Charged, dashing
Hatred coursing her

Once loved soul
As she destroyed all she knew

The monster was ravenous
Eating the hunger
The love
The beauty
Draining her daughter
Her murderer
Of all that was of value
A beast – oh, love
Can hate and bring to life
Kill and rejuvenate
And here she stood, alive again
Nothing but hateful love
Love for death
She was made for that
After all
The girl collapsed
Her soul stolen
Alone once again
She stared up at her mother
With pitiful eyes
Pleading for forgiveness
For caressing hands
Even with claws
Against her hair
But it would never come

The beast let out a scream
A howl as dark as night
Stealing all life from the air
As she left
Her daughter, dead
Dead of life
Dead of love
Forever alone
Yet would it ever change?
The daughter stood
Her life stolen
And walked the meadow
Once more
She saw no beauty
In her crime
No love
No hate
No power
Just darkness
So she walked, further
And ran across her dead brother
Begging for forgiveness
He gave none
The brother, a howling wolf
Stood, head to the sky
Calling the monsters forth
The girl ran, ran
As far as feet would take her
Stumbling into a beautiful
Fairy forest
Laid with golden wreaths
Her father and sister
Preparing for a feast
She carried on
A faint smile
There, hoping
Pleading, for forgiveness

She received none
The ghostly figures
Turned, fingers gnarled
Teeth gnashing
As they tore
Away the beautiful display
Revealing evil darkness

No love
Just hatred, anger
For their deaths

She raced, raced further
Heartless heart beating
Soulless soul screaming
Until the child stumbled once again
This time to the shore
Waves lapping against her feet

She fell in a circle
Hysterical, frenzied
Pulling at her hair in anguish
Fearful of what tomorrow would bring
As the moon fell silent
The three beasts came
Beastly mother
Ghostly father and brother
All in a row

They embraced the child
Forgave her for all
As their hatred and anger
Melted into the sea
For she was finally free

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