Beauty in the Difference

How many of you fabulous people have walked down the street and found your eyes drawn to a building, person, or object different from what you are familiar with? I feel we all have at some point, and so I wish to express the beauty in that. If there is one thing you should know about me is my love for beautiful differences. Now it is time I help you find the joy in unique ways!

Finding the Difference

This is a step we all can find occasionally difficult! As humans, we live in unique countries, societies, towns, and families. Each place is different to that next to it, yet they share habits in common. It is an amazing vision once you distinguish what sets you apart. And when you do, one can simply embrace the beauty of being unique.

Seeing the world with new eyes
The best way to finding the beauty in difference is to simply put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Take a stroll around your neighborhood! Open your eyes and catch all the tiny details, even write them down in a small notebook as you walk. Writing things like, the sun is orange, the flower is red, that tuft of grass is lime green helps open your eyes to the obvious yet often forgotten ideas.



The smallest things such as identifying simple colors and hidden treasures really opens your eyes to both the beauty of the world and uniqueness in its arms.


Watching the world go by
I love it when sitting in a car or bus, or walking through a city just to watch. Have you ever written a poetry using people  you find walking through town? It’s fascinating! You get deeply realistic characters, and it allows you to see different lives, religions, ideas, and more. So next time you find yourself with a spare few minutes, sit down on a bench and watch the lives of people going by.

Trying new things
I always recommend exploring new hobbies, roads, habits of speech, foods, and lifestyles! One can learn so much through trying something new. Sometimes it can be quite amusing, such as testing out the dialect of your Swedish friend, to quite serious – and delicious – business of eating massaman curry from Thailand. So go ahead and try something new today!

How to Embrace Individuality

Now that you know how to find differences in your world, it’s time to embrace it! Every single person, place, and object is unique to one another, and it is a wonderful thing. There are a few steps to embracing individuality so you can be on your new pathway of a joyous life:

Making new friends
This might sound something like a fairy tale, but I am quite serious! Go make some new acquaintances and friends who are unique and that you enjoy being around. Whether religion, ethnicity, gender, personality, or something else sets you apart, embrace it! Your eyes will open seeing the world from a new friend’s perspective.

“In diversity there is beauty and there is strength” ~ Maya Angelou



There aren’t a ton of things we can promise one another, but I will say making friends will open your heart and eyes to new ideas. It is absolutely brilliant!


Journal, journal, and journal some more
I love writing, and find it a beautiful way to settle new thoughts or one’s mind. I want you, right after reading this, to go get yourself a notebook or diary app and use it daily! The best thing about a journal is that it is yours. Yours to personalize, call your own, and do whatever you wish. Write poetry about your new discoveries of individuality, or stories, thoughts, quotes. dreams. Then every so often look back and refresh your memory with the beauty you have found.

Here are some questions to ask yourself every day:

Am I ready for a fresh set of ideas?

How will I meet unique people this week?

What is the one detail I noticed yesterday that was beautiful?

Do I feel happier this morning now that I see more?



Now, my friend, go pick up a pen (or device) and start journaling!


Live life happily
You are now equipped with new knowledge and ideas, so go change the world, my friend! With embracing the differences of things and people, you can now be anything – do anything. The best photographers, authors, writers, and happiest people embrace the individuality of the world. So next time you see anything unique, embrace its beauty. I am waiting for you, my friend, to go and see the world with new eyes!

Until next time,

Ashlee G.

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