Memories: Revisiting Early Stories III

Hello everyone, today I am sharing another two poems from when I was younger. The last time I shared was in May and July, so you can read them here and here. What I particularly like about these are the call of nature in them, as most of my younger poems. Yet what is unique with these is they take two themes: the past and hope, and interweave it with an object, such as a storm cloud or jar. Please do enjoy reading:

*Please keep in mind, I was very young at this time, so grammar/spelling was not perfect. For your convenience, I will fix any spelling errors, which should be few.

The Past is a Storm Cloud


The sky is painted gray,
As gray as it ever was.
The chilly wind would bite your ears
And sting your nose
As you sit motionlessly
On the faded leaves

One look back,
Would send a shiver
Down your spine.

The past is blown
Away with the wind
And the future
Is pulling at your sleeve.
Don’t look back at the past
For it is not the place to be.

The future awaits,
In a bright blue sky
Full of choices
And changes.
But unseen
By your eyes.

Do not stay long
In your past
Nor worry about
Your future too deeply
But stay in the present
Where you are meant to be.


Hope in its Jar

(1/27/14, amusingly enough, I wrote a similar one here without meaning to)

Hope in its jar
Where it belongs
Spreading itself
Throughout the world.

Hope is what allows
You to keep on going
Even on a rainy day.

Hope is what keeps
You going when the path
Is at its rockiest point.

Let hope go,
And you will lose
All of your goals
And biggest dreams.

Hope will remain
If you keep it
In its jar
Where it belongs.




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