War and Peace

Hello everyone, today I want to share with you a beautiful picture of words. War, it is an ugly, terrible thing. Yet what if – at the edge of the field as guns are drawn – it could suddenly end? What if war became love? Back in WWII, soldiers did this on Christmas. Enemies would cease war and exchange gifts, help the injured, chat like friends, and share food. Two armies are not hateful, but their beliefs set them against each other. So let’s picture a war that never was, and please do enjoy:

War and Peace

Guns fire, please hold us
Red flags raised in panic
“They are coming for us!”
Children cry in the corners
Mothers bite their lips
As a thousand men line up
Guns drawn
Aiming toward the horizon

Freeze, for a moment
Silence spilling over the sacred land
As the bullets never leave
A single drop of blood not spilled
Tears of joy, embracing the enemy
The sky swirling with pride
For we changed them
We changed the war

Guns turn into books
Tents into houses
Men grab their families
Joining with their enemies
In love, friendship
For the war never was.
It never has to be.



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