Forest Path/Alone

Hello everyone, this evening I am wishing to share some new poems. Like the “Hello, Hello?” this was greatly inspired by other poems, songs, and short stories. Now I personally dislike the dark demeanor a lot of those bring because it is just too negative and creepy. Although I do love expanding my horizons and you all love a good mix. For today’s first we have a beautiful sense of tranquillity and love for nature, all in a dream. Or is it? The second is a terrifyingly haunting poem from a creature or human with a lost, insane mind, trying to find itself in the madness. I do hope you enjoy these two new poems:

Forest Path

There is a place
Hidden among
Groves of elms and weeping willows
They embrace me, my love
In safety, in smiles
I am forever safe

There is a place
Lit with faerie lanterns
Glowing ladybug queens
They read to me, my love
In moonlight, in stars
I am forever safe

I know a place
I showed you once
In a dream
There, there we danced
You, my sweet
Armadillo, willow
Forest path

Home is a place
Where the birds sing
Faeries play
Where endless
Forest path
Meets my soul



Cold born operations
Your secrets in the shadows
Words, unspoken,
Locked in all of time

Where am I?

Alone, so alone
The coldness to my bone
“Follow, follow, follow”
The nightmares in action
Mocking the existence
Of humanly warmth

Dark, so dark
Blind step into the soul
“Truth is hard to swallow”
The nightmares in action
Rebuilding my reality
Of infinite knowledge

Who are you?

They call me the shadow
The mirror behind
Thin film of terror
I bring the hand and–
Or was that you?

I am still breathing.
You are not.


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