Nature of Seattle: Photography

Hello everyone, tonight I wish to share with you Part I of our trip to the Seattle area. This includes Northwest Trek, the Great Wheel, and more. A few of the more city landscapes were through the enclosed space of the Great Wheel and at a walking pace, so please do not mind any different qualities. I do promise great work, with unique stories. I hope you enjoy!


I love all of nature, and find banana slugs fascinating. We were just strolling along the path of Northwest Trek and came across this neat beauty. After many, many days (40-60 days?) of no rain, the west coast got a good rain. This one sure found it a pleasure!


Seattle might be a bustling city of nearly 1 million, but it keeps its treasures of beauty. Our troop was walking along the sidewalk almost under the highway bridge on the waters when I saw this lovely blossom. Aren’t the colors stunning, like a sunrise?



I found this blossoming rays of sunlight near the sunrise flower. Also along with many roads and buildings, peeking from the scattered grasses in its beauty. This one was small, but I had to stop the company in order to get the picture!




No nature in a city? Gah, of course, there is nature! I was bringing two of my siblings, Katie and Juliet, to the apartment playground. When we came to the stairs, I held out my arms and said “Wait! Picture. Now.” The angle really caught my eye, and I decided it would be fantastic in black and white!




Hello, oh Great Wheel! It was a fantastic experience, and we were lucky enough to have four loops due to stops in the first time. The next few pics are from the view from the skies!




If you have not realized yet, I love most everything in black and white. I really liked the corner view of the city with the piers lining the right. Do you see the ferry taking off as well? Lovely view!



This was an interesting angle for me to do. That bridge is the one we were walking under and where I discovered the beautiful flowers. Yet what I love here is you have the horizontal, gray lines of color. Then a brilliant, dazzling view of skies and sparkling diamond-like skyscrapers.




Our last picture for today will be a shot of the Seattle Aquarium. Our troop did not get a chance to go this time, but we’ve gone in the past. Still, I love the building and the “59” for pier 59. This one, in particular, stands out from the rest since the other buildings are made of brick. Thank you for viewing, I hope you have enjoyed! Keep an eye out for the upcoming part two of our travels.




10 thoughts on “Nature of Seattle: Photography

    • Thank you very much! I have a thing against heights as well, but I really wanted to try it out. Ah, they are tearing down the Viaduct? I do not live in Seattle, so I wouldn’t know. Good to know though!

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    • Fantastic, thank you! Ah yes, I haven’t been to San Francisco yet and only visit Seattle a few times a year. Although I must admit, Seattle is quite a lovely place! So is Vancouver, as well.


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