Little Fears Presents…: A Review

Hello everyone, I know I usually do not post on Thursdays, but I could not resist saving this for tomorrow. I wish to do a brief review for my fellow blogger, Little Fears, and his new book Little Fears Presents Spiders available for free until Sunday in the Amazon store (links down below). Let’s get started, no?

First off, kudos to Peter for his spectacular work as usual! The moment I saw the cover I knew it would bring laughter and joy to my afternoon. The Little Fears Presents series is an anthology of humorous flash fiction with a twist – the illustrations. Peter created a unique style of adding his little-sketched characters to particular photographs matching each narrative. The end result? A creative, amusing story on each page with fantastic characters.


Spiders logo.jpg

The cover of Spiders by Peter Edwards (Little Fears)


Besides the illustrations, I absolutely love the characters themselves. Each one is unique, hilarious, and filled with so many great puns. Their dialect is great, with nice word choice and great discussions. I feel that each reader will really connect to their favorite character, picturing themselves in that character’s place. Personally? I love Fuen for being calm, collected, and logical. Yet Sprite and Spectre for their comical attitudes toward one another. Of course, do not forget about Spider!

I guarantee you, if you are a soul for good humor and creative flash fictions, you will simply love Little Fear’s Spiders. As promised, I have the links down below! Please do not forget to give our fellow blogger, Little Fears, a thank you or review for being so generous with this offer.


Little Fears Blog

US Edition (free until Sunday)

UK Edition (free until Sunday)

And a note to Peter if you read this: I left you a review on Amazon, although as to not confuse you, it was under my family’s account so the name is different. Hope that clears up any potential confusion!

5 thoughts on “Little Fears Presents…: A Review

    • No, no, it is okay! Thank you very much, I appreciate it! I am actually going on a trip right now so I won’t be able to see your post until Monday. When I return I will definitely check it out.


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