Nature of Seattle: Photography II

Hello again, everyone! As promised, here is Part II of our trip to Seattle. I might potentially have a third part, depending on what I find on my camera. If not, I’ll share some more nature/human photography ones. Hope you enjoy today’s photographs!


This one really amused me on our trip! See, we were at Pike’s Place looking for a place to eat and the hallways were filled with these statues. Mainly fishermen, but this one I had to stop and get a picture of. They remind me of a group that would be on America’s Got Talent, and I just love their cheerful expressions. Great workmanship to whoever built them!


I have yet to edit this photograph (or any of them for that matter), but I do love the expression here. Like a fungi picture I posted a while back, this one reminds me of a fashion show or lead model. If you look closely at the jaw, it protrudes out further and to the side, which I found quite amusing. This was taken at Northwest Trek, which I really recommend going to! If you go there, definitely do the tram, which is where you can see all these animals (it’s an hour long).


Is it a spaceship? Squid? Octopus? I was quite confused at first on what it was, just because the angle was off. Yet once I went to the back end, I saw the beak (squids have beaks), and then I knew what it was! I love the creative work here with the metal, quite spectacular.


Candles, mmmm, I love candles. You see, this was a special lot here, being all natural. I really wanted some, but alas, no money. Seriously, if you are ever in Seattle going to the Seattle Aquarium or Great Wheel, give this place a good look! If you are like me, you will spend a good 10 minutes smelling everything without a penny to spend. Also as a funny note, I went to another place (Miners Landing I think) and they had a campfire smoke-scent candle. I was a bit confused, opened it, and almost passed out. The candle was absolutely vile, and that is coming from someone who loves campfires! Just a bit of caution for my fellow candle-lovers.


Once I get this one edited I will be quite excited! When I was younger, I used to love the Barbie: Swan Lake movie, and of course, that was the first thing I thought of here. Regardless of my childhood movie experiences, I do think this swan is just a majestic beauty, do you not agree?


I have a really nice edited version of this on my Instagram if you want to check it out, but I still like this original version. Again, we were at Northwest Trek here, this time visiting the exhibits. It was beginning to lightly sprinkle, so I had to hurry in case it started raining. I got lots of pictures of the wolves, being my favorite animal, and then decided to get a zoomed-in one. I absolutely love it! He’s such a beautiful creature, as are all of nature. On another great note, I got an amusing shot of one shaking his head, freezing it mostly in place. Yes, for all you meme lovers, he looked a lot like Doge. 



Seattle, it seems to stretch on forever! A never endless building-process, it is such a wonder why they have yet to touch the skies.




Not my best shot, but I wanted to share the creative aspect of this! Like the previous metal squid and statues of the singing trio, I love the artistic value here. It really brings together what this part of Seattle is all about – originality, shine, and the ocean. Isn’t it a beautiful piece?

Thank you all for reading today! As a note, I am going to Oregon for a week-long camping trip next Wednesday. No worries, I’ll have all the posts ready for that week, but you won’t be seeing any pictures from the trip until after I return. Also, I finally am getting around to my “Creative Guide for Writing” that I promised a while back. Hopefully, you will see that Monday!


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