Thank You CTWers!

Hello everyone, today I am quite excited to share some stepping stones the CTW family has hit recently! No worries, I am still doing the actual post for today as well, that should be coming up within the next hour. Now onto the announcements and thank you’s:

Now as many of you know, CTW is a pretty new blog, so our milestones are still pretty small. As you also might recall, a big point of Creative Thinking Well is to bring together a strong community of aspiring artists within the field. From writers, photographers, painters, dancers, actors/actresses, and all the in between, this is the place. That is why I want to say thank you! In the few months of blogging we reached 500 likes yesterday, my 100th post today (prior to this one), and we have gained many new and returning CTWers. Knowing that you all enjoy what is here is wonderful because it means we are slowly building up a community where people can share their creative thoughts. Might it be slow going? Sure! CTW is new after all, and it is a niche field. Yet I promise you will like the outcome, and I hope you have enjoyed our journey thus far. Once more, I say thank you for being part of the CTW family! I would also love to point out the amazing bloggers who have given me advice, feedback, and support in my writing for you all – an amazing lot of bloggers, thank you!


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