Pure Ocean: Oregon Photography

Hello everyone, today I am sharing the first part of our trip to Oregon. Sorry for missing the past two ones, but it’s finally here. I plan to have these split into three sections: the ocean, Tillamook Cheese Factory, and Tillamook Forest Center. I hope you all enjoy!



As you all probably know by now, I love dramatized effects on photos, such as this. It really brings out the reflection of the tide and the stunning clouds of a brewing storm. Looking out, the contrasting white and black almost look like miniature mountains, doesn’t it?



Who can’t go wrong with beautiful seagulls, hmm? There were a ton, and I was lucky enough to get fairly close for this shot. He doesn’t seem to trust me though!





I really enjoyed this shot, actually as one of my favorites. The black and white truly brings out the definition of the sea foam and dazzling specks within the sand. I was even told it looks like Alaskan beaches. Fascinating, isn’t it?



This isn’t a brilliant shot, but I wanted to point out something amusing. There was this massive cave (I might post later or on Instagram) with a tree hanging over it. The cave was partially made of red clay, so the whole place was muddy from the waves. Great thing is, the tide apparently reached really high on the walls because I found this sea critter stuck inside a crevice of the wall. Any of you know what it is? I’ve seen a few now.



I really found this an interesting shot. No, the weather wasn’t this stormy, but it really seems abstract to me. To the far left, that mound, is actually a cliff edge with mist. To the far right, of course, is the ocean and brewing clouds. I simply love the effect it creates on the wide, open plane!



Caleb in his new Bigfoot hat, having spun around happily to see the ocean!



Again, not an impressive shot, but I was amused and shocked by this tree. To the right is the cave that I mentioned up above. Yet this tree! It is hanging haphazardly over the edge, right where people walk and play. Fortunately, the tree is about halfway on the cliff and half off, leaving mainly the roots to dangle. But if someone grabbed on there like a rope? Goodness, I hope all will be safe with it.





The last one for today is of Caleb, eyes on the beautiful sea around him. I love how his arms are outstretched to the sky, a blissful smile probably on his face. His reflection too, like a shadow, and the simplicity and openness of the earth has a really calming effect in my mind.








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