Memories: Revisiting Older Stories Part IV

Hello everyone, this evening I am sharing the fourth part of my childhood poems. As usual, I will share two individual works that I particularly enjoy reading today. The first is a cheerful, light poem similar to My Little Tree, focusing on the beauty and power of nature. Likewise, the second is the gift of nature for those who seek it. I hope you enjoy!

*Please keep in mind, I was very young at this time, so grammar/spelling was not perfect. For your convenience, I will fix any spelling errors, which should be few.

The Rainbow


The sun is up
It is a brand new day
Some people watch
Time flies by,
While others stay busy.

The clouds come in
And paint the sky gray
As the sun hides quietly
Soon the rain comes,
And a light breeze.

An artist waits patiently
For the sky to clear
And reveal its secret gift
To one and to all.

Once the rain stop
And the clouds clear
The sun will shine
And a present opens up.

Rows of colors
Fill the sky
As people smile
And remember
All the good memories.

This sets them free
As colors fill
The blue sky
And all is fine
At that moment.


Little Seed

(Spring/Summer of 2012)
Off a tree<
Down feel a seed.
Come and see
This little seed.

It will sprout,
And grow tall,
Oh what a sight
For us all!

Let’s all care
For this seed,
For one day
It will be tall!


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