Fall Time Pleasures | Poetry

Hello everyone, today I am sharing with you more family poetry. This time, everyone’s theme was “Fall Time”, in which the whole family participated. For your pleasure, I am going to share the first three poems. The first, from my brother Caleb, is about an apple tree. The second, from my mom, is a poem of the senses to teach little children. The third is from my little sister, Juliet, is the overall sense of fall. Do enjoy!

The Apple Tree

(Caleb, age 5)

It has apples on it
The apples fall
The apples are green and red
The apples taste good
The end.


The Senses of Fall

(My mother, Amber)

Golden leaves, red apples, orange pumpkins
I love the sights of fall

Chirping birds, rustling leaves, crunching apples
I love the sounds of fall

Apple pie, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice
I love the taste of fall

Crisp air, falling rain, baked treats
I love the smell of fall

Crunchy leaves, smooth pumpkins, fuzzy blankets
I love the touch of fall



(Juliet, age 6)

When it gets close to fall
Leaves start to fall down trees
It starts to get a little colder
And it starts to rain
You would rather stay inside than outside
And when it’s fall
It gets hot
And you would rather go outside
And more leaves fall down trees
You have to rake
Then you can jump into the piles
And Fall Festival will be here
The End!


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