The Taste of Fall

Hello everyone! Now that fall has started I have been out and about taking as many photographs as I can to capture the true beauty of autumn. I describe colors as the “taste” in a sense, for it fills your whole being with a taste of fullness. Ready to enjoy the season with me? Then let us get started!


To start off, here I have a beautiful pinecone! In my mind, it truly fits the persona that fall represents – crisp air, lovely evergreen scent, and the crunch of pinecones under your feet. I particularly enjoyed the small size and vivid green needles above.



Red. It is a lovely, stunning color for nature. In this case, both my brother’s vivid gaming hoodie (as I describe it) and the stunning array of leaves caught my eye. Doesn’t it flow perfectly, earth and child? Of course, you have the train of the rest of the troop too, in black and white, too!




Flowers in my mind are the very essence of fall. In spring they take their first breath, while fall they often take their last. The last burst of beautiful color, aroma, and beauty before a long winter. As I was climbing up some rocks, this single flower really caught my eye! After a few minutes, I managed to get a nice shot of it’s one blooming bud.




Like flowers, berries are what make fall simply fall. Not to mention bears and humans alike love them! Again, the stunning red stands out like rubies against a flash of emeralds. Beautiful!




Where I live, we have a few different scenarios: lots of pines, a few deciduous trees, or no trees at all (besides what people choose to plant). Therefore, pines really do make up a beautiful autumn gift! I loved this shot for the trio of trees reaching up to the sky, embracing the sun with its stunning branches. This species, in particular, can reach up to 150 feet tall!




Elderberry, such a wonderful species that catches my eye. I particularly love this shot for the small bits of fuzz seen on the beautiful blueberries. Isn’t nature wonderful in the fall?




This shot, like the trio of pine trees above, really caught my eye! I saw a lowered branch and decided to do a color selection, focusing on light greens/yellow. The result was a beautiful road of yellow leaves into the canopy above. The changing of colors is by far the best result of autumn.




To finish off our selection for today, I have more berries! This was actually one of my favorite photographs of the day for the washed out sense, a chill of nearing winter, with the vivid pops of red. You can even see berries in the far bottom right corner! Unlike other black and white photos, I was lucky enough to get a nice shade of gray going, creating a perfect barrier between the beloved autumn and winter.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed today’s photographs!


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