Fantasy Skies

Hello everyone! Since I haven’t written a nice piece of poetry in some time, today I want to present a new piece. This one grasps the concept of a young child in their fantasy world, as even out of dream state their fantasy skies are always beside them. Enjoy, and have a fabulous evening!

Fantasy Skies

I once rode through the skies
Trailed by ducklings
Smiling goldfish in between
My little fingers

I once soared across the skies
Laughing as snow
Sprinkled like feathers
Dancing fairies against the
Springtime sunlight


One day the fantasies
My blue skies
Faded away
As I lay tucked in bed
Smiling up at my
Imaginary friends

I was gifted fifty thousand
Diamond smiles from
Gliding goldfish in rows of five
Sprinkled with love
Given by my sweet ducklings
All as I rested my head
For my fantasy skies lived on


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