Painting Layers – Pocket Pets

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share a new project I have picked up. Being that I have four younger siblings, they love finding new things to play with. So for their birthdays and Christmas, I have made up a batch (that I am adding to) as gifts. With each picture, I will explain what it is and generally how I made them. This is definitely a fun thing to do for your own kids, siblings, self, or family members! Enjoy!


To start off, I have one of my personal favorites: Queasy Cheese. This lovely pocket pet has two faces. This one is regular cheese, and the back side is down below. My technique here was pretty simple: white paint layer (I use acrylic with mod podge finish), yellow, the yellow-orange dots, and black for the face. This one even stands up on its own, which is awesome.



Here is the opposite side of Queasy Cheese! You cannot see it too well due to my light, but he is a sickly green color with moldy cheese spots. Due to the rock’s shape, Queasy is even bent over as if he is sick, which my little brother loved. Again, a similar technique above – always include the white layer first!


This was, I believe, my first project. This lovely blue whale was carved from a stick I found, with the intention of turning it into a spoon originally (for their dolls). I split the wood for the mouth, carved off wood for nearly 2 hours, and shaped it to how I wished. I believe I still did a white layer, although it wasn’t necessary in this case. My siblings definitely enjoy this one!


Here we have one of my other favorites: Goldy the goldfish. Surprisingly, I actually intended this to be a boombox, then a bug, yet it turned out to be a fish (or bug, depending on your perspective). Due to the rough texture, the white paint was a difficult but necessary first layer.



I was walking along the highway once (which is practically a dirt road) beside our golf course and ran across this beauty. Over time, I decided it would be amazing to paint as a beehive since it looked exactly like one. Unfortunately, the texture and acrylic paint didn’t work out too well – especially with mod podge – so some spots are a bit finicky. “The Hive” is in respect of my favorite Minecraft server, HiveMC


After finding this lovely, smooth rock, I contemplated the best option: cookie or pancake? Well, after asking my siblings, I agreed to do both. The smooth side shown here is the pancake, with syrup, butter, and strawberries. The kids loved it!


On the flip, rougher side, I have their chocolate cookie. After I discovered some white remained, I simply said it included white chocolate chips. Again, this was a great hit!


Being a fan of Beyong Good and Evil, I originally intended this to be one of the robots. After further thought, I turned it into a friendly, tuxedo wearing, brown/green haired robot. My brother adored it, along with the others!


Now again, lighting isn’t perfect here. This Christmas tree is actually more tree green than it is here, with green and red christmas lights and a lovely smile. Great Pocket Pet for Christmas!


Unfortunately, the light was being exceptionally a pain here. This is a neat little horse head for my sister, with pink and lime green hair, green eyes, a yellow heart, and a light smile. Originally, I intended this to be a Threstral from Harry Potter, but decided against it.


This lovely penguin is definitely my favorite. The light washes out the color, but it actually has dark black feathers, dark pink eyes, and a yellow beak. The stone is also perfectly smooth, making a perfect Pocket Pet!


This was actually a horse chestnut my youngest sister and I found. My brother, youngest sister, and I spent a couple hours at the park playing various games with these lovely things. Afterward, we brought home three to be painted. I used the natural bark-looking texture of the horse chestnut as the trunk/dirt, and painted on from there. For a quick job, turned out pretty nice!


This one isn’t my favorite, but the kids love her – Mrs. Potato Head (in my own modified rock version). So many white layers were involved in this: white, brown, black, white layer for the lips, eyes, and hair, then the details above that! The hair in particular gave me difficulties because I couldn’t decide between white and pink. I ended up, by mistake, doing a light pinkish white which the kids enjoyed.


Another early favorite of mine! This lovely fanciful turned out pretty nice. It cannot stand up on it’s own, but still a great pocket pet for the kids to enjoy.



Again, the light really washes out the color here! This is a small crawling baby, with vivid green eyes, pinkish red hair, and a purple onesie. She has no arms or feet shown, but is definitely enjoyed by everyone!

I hope you enjoyed! These aren’t overly fancy, but the simplistic, bright colors definitely appeal to young kids. They spend a lot of time using their amazing imagination with sticks, dirt, and rocks, so this is a great way to boost their creativity. In terms of my own inspiration, I pick up whatever pebble that feels comfortable in my hand, take a glance, and decide what it shall be. As you saw, I change my mind quite a lot, yet it all works out in the end. For the kids, I have little tin jars that hold about five Pocket Pets and fits in the pocket.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and have a fabulous evening!







4 thoughts on “Painting Layers – Pocket Pets

  1. I love this idea. You have always loved rocks Ashlee. When Brandon died, I was watching you and Katie. As you were writing on the sidewalk with chalk I had for you, you found a small rock and gave it to me saying it was uncle Brandon. You said that what you wrote with the chalk said,” why did uncle Brandon have to die ?” I still have that rock. 😔


    • Thank you! Ah yes, I have always loved rocks and small bits of nature. I don’t recall the rock that I wrote on, but that does seem like something I would have done at the time. I am glad you still have it though, that is nice. 😔


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