Beggar’s Valley: Beginnings

Hello everyone, today I am writing up a new short story, called Beggar’s Valley. I am actually making this story per blog post, so it is both brand new for me and you. I do hope you enjoy! Also, apologies for seldom posts last week, it passed by quicker than expected. Now here to the intro from our quite interesting lead, Yuuki:


Between rings of roses on Valentines for strangers to golden crisp pumpkin pie, I was never much of a holiday person. Since birth, I was far from liking anything normal, showing up at the wrong times, making the worst mistakes. Finally, I changed my face, my identity, and became Yuuki – the girl who would forget. Yet perhaps my disconnection is what saved my life.

Day 5, Year 2901,
It’s happening again. 
am happening again. The 5th day of every decade, removal of the unordinary. Of course, it never gets the people anywhere – everyone, in reality, is ordinary. Except me and who I create. I dreamt last night that this Marking Moon will lead to the President’s downfall. How sickeningly right I was. Three hours ago, President Periks was announced deathly ill – affected by the Marking. It is nothing serious, just a small piercing black dot on the inside of one’s left palm. They call it the Beggar Dot, or the Marking. Those with it are sentenced to death, for the dot creates three stages: 1. Visions 2. Psychic ability 3. Thoughts becoming reality. Those Marked are a danger to our society, so farewell dear Periks. Live a good life with the Marking Moon. Oh, did I mention? I made this happen.

Until next time, my dear friend,
Yuuki Himura

I slam the book shut, satisfied mood playing against my lips. Today would be the beginning of something we would never forget.pocket-watch-1637396_640.jpg


3 thoughts on “Beggar’s Valley: Beginnings

    • You will have to wait and see! I will probably post the next part tomorrow or Friday. Although I always find it great to leave a story on a cliffhanger, and this intro really focused on showing the flaws of the main character, Yuuki.

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