Beggar’s Valley: Marking Moon

Hello there, everyone! I am back again with the next part of Beggar’s Valley. Please do enjoy, and if you wish, read Part 1 here:

Marking Moon

“Miss Yuuki Himura! Hurry on, before Uthi eats your breakfast.”

I slip on my red gloves, tuck the diary in its spot, and slip down the banister.


“Yes, aunt?” I ask, gliding into the seat with a laugh.

The frail, tired woman closes her eyes, sighing.

“Just please eat, you know today.”

I eat the slop, dripping spoonfuls to the oversized teddy bear, Uthi. Today is the day I shine. In the past three months, our land has had fifteen murders, three disappearances, and two Beggar Marks. Within those numbers, my mother, father, President Periks, and best friend were targeted.

Perfect targets.

“Goodbye, Aunt にこ,” I say, smiling, as I slip out of the door.

She has always hated the name.

I exit into the cold fall breeze, staring up at the giant, blood red moon.

“Hello, dear brother,” I say, fingers circling the moon’s giant black dot. “Who is on the list today?”

A chilled breeze flows over my pale flesh, seeping into my soul like the Marking. It whispers, churning in the darkness, He is next, he is next. I pull on my gloves tighter, smiling. Your Periks is next. President Periks, it is time we pay you a visit.

We like our victims to beg.


Apologies for being so late! I do hope you enjoyed this part!

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