Animals of the World | Photography

Hello everyone, today I am bringing forth some Seattle Point Defiance Zoo photographs. This trip was a while back, I just haven’t gotten around to creating a post for this. I hope you all enjoy!



This lovely old peacock has been around at the zoo since as long as I can remember! I love its delicate feathers, set demeanor, and general personality as it wanders through the park.




Besides wolves, dolphins, and whales, tigers are definitely one of my favorite. This one, in particular, has the curved, furry ears and a beautiful coat. I loved how the photograph turned out! It brings in the true personality and character of this amazing animal.




This lovely fox is by far one of my favorite animals there. It is so small and precious, pronouncing about like a deer. 




After playing Legend of the Guardians when I was younger, I always gained a fascination for barn owls. Their feathers are stunning, and the moon-like faces always captivate my attention.




Finally, I have my favorite photo for today! Our whole family loves the monkeys for they are playful, energetic, and will do anything to get your attention. Although we were amused at this one, who refused to move, glaring at us all. I suppose we all feel this way at some point, no?

Also, apologies once more for being so late! I’m trying to avoid it, so hopefully, things will get back on schedule. I hope you enjoyed this! Be prepared for a part two.


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