Official Reboot + Announcements

It has been a long 5 months of sudden inactivity, and a few other months of lacking posts. I am here to finally reboot CTW with fresh ideas. During the past few months, I have been void of inspiration, yet that can be changed. I am going to steadily work up to a constant posting of the arts. My sincerest apologies for suddenly vanishing. There really is no excuse, as it was unfair to all of you. To make up for my disappearance, I have some great things in store for CTW. I hope you choose to join me on the journey!

My first big announcement is a dual blog collaboration. In the past, I worked with a good friend of mine, Gared, through submitted art. He recently started up a new blog to act as a parallel to CTW. Essentially, he will focus on an “experimental YA writing” approach, drawing in absolutely amazing ideas. Please do check out the Deep Thinking Well to get the full collaboration experience. We hope this collaboration will help us learn new styles and reach out to more amazing people like you. I will keep you posted on further details!

In terms of CTW, I have some developing ideas. For those who are aware of my Twitter, the past few months I have been posting a lot of inspirational things. I truly love helping others. Through writing simple, meaningful things, I have been able to reach out to people. Sometimes seeing a positive note can really change someone’s day. I decided to integrate this idea into the CTW. 2-4 times a week I will write a little positive note, displayed in the same manner of the Daily Quotes.

Another addition to the Creative Thinking Well will be writing prompts. Not only do I want to share creative works with you, I want to help promote a motivational environment. Sometimes a writer will gain so many amazing ideas, but only has time to choose one or two. My goal is to share a sum of writing prompts that come to mind. It might be a simple word, phrase, or philosophical question. In some cases, I might write a micro-segment in response to the prompt, to help further spark your own ideas. These will be posted fairly often, so keep an eye out!

Again, my apologies for having vanished. It is now early April of 2018, a time full of inspiration, life, and creativity. Between Gared’s deep side of the well, to new blooming ideas for CTW, there is a lot to come. I have found new sources of inspiration, and am very excited to share everything with you. Stay wonderful, my friends!

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