Perfect in Faults

Hello there! The past few days I have been experimenting with new poem ideas and forms. Over the past few months, I’ve explored a lot of questions related to human nature. Using both my thoughts and experimental style, I’ve come up with a new piece. This poem relies heavily on structure and meaning, contrasting ideas, etc. I hope you enjoy:

Perfect in Faults

Who are you, my dear?
A wild, bucking boar
Roaming, roaming
Like a bird, longing to be free
Knowing no way, no home
No life
But behind broken bars
Lost in the simplicity of thought?
An explorer of deep
Raveling caves – never ending
Sparkling sprinkles of
Dazzling dewlight, unforeseen
Sunbeams brightening your
Long, joyous face?
Or are you, my dear
A traveling doctor amongst
Foiled foreign lands
Hands capped with dust
Heart full of pure love
Memories, flowing happiness
A never-ending river?
For you bring to life
The very things you gently touch
My heart seeks you
To find enwrapped purity
Of your self, my dear
You are love, an eternal light
In the darks of our world
Perfect in all your pristine faults


Only you can decide what life looks like – make the best of it



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