Painting Layers – Pocket Pets

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share a new project I have picked up. Being that I have four younger siblings, they love finding new things to play with. So for their birthdays and Christmas, I have made up a batch (that I am adding to) as gifts. With each picture, I will explain … Continue reading Painting Layers – Pocket Pets

Fantasy Skies

Hello everyone! Since I haven't written a nice piece of poetry in some time, today I want to present a new piece. This one grasps the concept of a young child in their fantasy world, as even out of dream state their fantasy skies are always beside them. Enjoy, and have a fabulous evening! Fantasy … Continue reading Fantasy Skies

Hello, Hello? | Sunshine Flowers

Hello everyone, today I felt like experimenting with some new poetry. My style is almost always free form, yet I have never explored repeating elements. Therefore today I bring forth two "repeating elements" poems in a contrasting light. The first is a haunting story, the child-perspective inspired by reading Frank Solanki's newest work. The second, … Continue reading Hello, Hello? | Sunshine Flowers