Beggar’s Valley: Marking Moon

Hello there, everyone! I am back again with the next part of Beggar's Valley. Please do enjoy, and if you wish, read Part 1 here: Marking Moon "Miss Yuuki Himura! Hurry on, before Uthi eats your breakfast." I slip on my red gloves, tuck the diary in its spot, and slip down the banister. "Yuuki..." "Yes, … Continue reading Beggar’s Valley: Marking Moon

Beggar’s Valley: Beginnings

Hello everyone, today I am writing up a new short story, called Beggar's Valley. I am actually making this story per blog post, so it is both brand new for me and you. I do hope you enjoy! Also, apologies for seldom posts last week, it passed by quicker than expected. Now here to the … Continue reading Beggar’s Valley: Beginnings