Painting Layers – Pocket Pets

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share a new project I have picked up. Being that I have four younger siblings, they love finding new things to play with. So for their birthdays and Christmas, I have made up a batch (that I am adding to) as gifts. With each picture, I will explain … Continue reading Painting Layers – Pocket Pets

Words of Children

Hello everyone, this Wednesday I am going to share two wonderful works from younger children - my siblings. Today we had a poetry tea time where everyone had to write (or speak) their own poem, including my 3-year-old sister. I am going to share with you both hers and Katie's work, allowing you to see … Continue reading Words of Children

Coming Home

Hello, everyone! I know this post is much later in the day than usual, although I have been busy interviewing some creative thinkers for the next few posts, so keep an eye out! This poem tells a story of war and love. The longing for their father, and the need to support each other in … Continue reading Coming Home